Post I wrote in May of 2019 but never posted- “New goals and thoughts”

I’m trying to set new goals for myself to post more blogs. Sharing what I do hasn’t been something I’ve been at doing over the last few years. In a world of social media, I feel like there’s been too much sharing of everything. Slowly, I’m trying to find a happy balance for me and keep myself accountable for how I’m spending days. I am also going to work on living a healthier lifestyle. I know that I really enjoy eating clean, healthy foods, but I’ve been trying to figure out what fun that is while traveling and wanting to try dishes from the different regions that I’m living in. I’m familiar with the rule of 80/20, but I find it a challenge to stick with lately. I do really enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, so that does help me keep some balance in all my travels.

Today, I took a walk to the local library to pick up the next book in the series that I started. Along the way, I stopped to take pictures of a pretty purple flower, that was a weed. I’ve learned that taking my time to enjoy the beauty in all things in life is really good for the soul. On my way back from the library, I stopped by the park to read, people watch and enjoy the sounds of nature. It was a very lovely afternoon.

Oh, I did forget that while I was walking to the park some random car slowed down trying to get my attention, but I decided the safer option was turn around and walk towards the nearest building on a different street. When living in some towns, I don’t worry as much about people trying to get me to stop. The car did continue on and I continued to the park without any further incident.

An observation that I’ve made in the last year, as a pedestrian, is that motorist that ignore crosswalks, really makes my blood boil.

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