High in the sky

I ventured out of bed early to check out the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic,  last Wednesday and Thursday mornings (August 29th and 30th). The first day was for the kids.  The balloons were filled and tethered to the ground.  The kids got to “go up” for a quick ride.   I looked at the kids going up on their quick ride and thought that I might be able to do it.  For those that don’t know, I’m afraid/terrified of heights.  I struggle with climbing on a chair to change a light bulb.

Here are a few pictures from Wednesday.

On Thursday morning I went back to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.  I was there for all the opening festivities.  There was a call for volunteers and figured why not.  I stepped up to volunteer for the unknown.  I introduced myself to Tonia and was upfront about never having anything to do with hot air balloons.  She said as long as I could follow directions it wouldn’t be a problem.  Off we went to get everything set up.  I was tasked with the job of holding open the balloon so that the air could go into the balloon.  It was a little chilly and very windy as the fan was filling up the balloon.  2018-08-30-13-21-10

It was a sight to see all the balloons being blown up.  This was the first time I had ever seen hot air balloons being blown up.  Once the balloon was ready to be launched, I was asked if I wanted to go up.  Um, nope I’m afraid of heights, but thank you.  I opted to go with the chase crew.  I felt that was a safer option for myself.  We all piled into the truck and off we went to chase the balloon.  As a kid, I remember seeing hot air balloons flying over the fields by our house.  I had never really thought about people chasing the balloon so the balloon could be collected once it came down.  In our chase vehicle we had 5 people who weren’t from Boise.  It was an adventure following the balloon and following the GPS all at the same time.  While we were chasing the balloon, I was asking questions about going up and thinking, just maybe I could go up in a hot air balloon sometime.  Maybe, I will, it looks like it could be fun.  I was scaring myself, wondering how I could even think about going up in hot air balloon?  I’ll let you know if it happens.  I did have a fabulous time being  part of the Czech It Out crew for the day!

Here’s a few pictures from my day as part of the balloon crew.

Czech It Out Crew

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