Saturday at the Farmer’s Market

This past Saturday, I ventured out to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Boise.  I started the day out by waiting for the bus.  I learned the bus schedule on Saturday is different than during the week.  This means the buses don’t run as often and the bus line closest to where I am staying doesn’t operate.  I found the next closest bus stop and waited for what seemed like forever.  I probably could have walked to the market by the time the bus arrived.  I got to the market with an hour and a half to spare.  Plenty of time to wonder around and take it all in.  My goal for the farmer’s market was to get tomatoes and zucchini.  There’s nothing like fresh garden tomatoes in the summer.


I do enjoy wondering around a farmer’s market.  It’s so much better than going to the produce section at the grocery store.  At the grocery store you get what everybody knows, nothing too adventurous.  At a farmer’s market, you never know what you might discover, as I found a lemon cucumber, looks like a lemon.  The farmer told me it tastes just like a regular cucumber.  I have since eaten it and it does taste just like a regular cucumber.

After wondering around the farmer’s market I stopped to take a break and enjoyed watching kids and four-legged friends play in the water fountain.


I walked the streets of downtown Boise for the rest of the afternoon.  Here’s a few pictures of what I saw.  It was a lovely afternoon to be out and enjoying the day.

Until next time.

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